Faraid is Islamic Law of Inheritance according with Allah’s (God) decree in the Holy Quran and according to the hadith or tradition of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).


'Informative Faraid' or iFaraid help users to know share for each heir from faraid calculations quickly.

Users can add family relation to the deceased visually using family tree or by using list provided.


In Islam, solving inheritance problems is not done by trial and error. There are standard rules governing it. While iFaraid does not explains the rules throughly, even a beginner user should be able to grasp some of it from simple explanation provided in 'Calculation Table' section.



- Visual relationship between heirs.

- Provide reason why a heir eligible to inherit or not.

- Faraid calculation table with simple explanation on how each step of calculation is performed.

- Interactive examples of Faraid beneficiaries and special cases.

- Faraid special cases are solved based on Mazhab Syafie as practiced in Malaysia.

- Manage and distribute estates using simple function from calculated Faraid share.

- Save and load cases.